Friendship Mission, Inc.

Skipper and Mary Anne Cowgill

Mailing address -- PO Box 2634
Physical address -- 14639 Kenai Spur Hwy.
Kenai, AK   99611
t. 907-283-5277- office 953-0693
Rebuilding the front wall of the original bulding in 2005.



This has been a busy month, we’ve had 9 to 10 men here everyday.  Two of the men went to Homer, looking for work, but fishing boats are not ready yet.  Another one of the men has gone back to Oklahoma to live.

Graydon and several of the guys have worked in the high tunnel (green house) building the elevated planter beds.  They have built 4 and have the wood cut and ready for 4 more.  They are 16 feet long and 4 feet wide.  Lots of room to plant  seeds and grow lots of vegetables.  Fresh tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and much more.  We’re hoping anyway. 

The weather has warmed up (breakup is here) but we’ve still had a number of snow showers all month.  It is slushy and a real mess.  But we know that spring and summer are on the way. 


I hope everyone is doing well and will be blessed by our Lord and Savior during this coming year.

A Beautiful Winter moon.

The New Year has started off quietly and cold. We’ve had eight residents for most of the month.  We’ve had more snow this winter than the last 3 years.

Mary Anne got to go to North Pole to visit two of her daughters and grandkids.
She had a very good time ….

One of our men was baptized at College Heights Baptist Church and has begun attending services there. It is such a blessing for us to have the men come to know their Savior Jesus Christ through the teaching of our faithful Bible teachers.


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10 April 2017