A letter from the Lost Creek Methodist Church was sent to be used during the team devotion time. When I, Mary Anne, heard this read at the devotion time, I just wanted to share it with the people that look at our web page.

"As I watched the video of all you've done there at the Friendship Mission, I was in awe. A dump of old cars, a deserted broken building...who would have thought after seeing the pole that it could be transformed into the peaceful harbor for the homeless.

Skipper and Mary Anne were given a beautiful dream. Then someone heard about the dream and gave money to help them. Then someone else heard about the dream and came to help them clean out the broken old cars and trash. And another heard that builders were needed and came to help. And another builder brought friends. Over time God's vision of what could be came forth.

How curious that one small initial circumstance had an effect on such a large scale over time.

And yet, what if the southern Louisiana couple had never moved to Alaska? What made them come? Why did they decide to buy a dump?

Their decision has touched so many lives. You've been touched each time  you come to help build and clean. And you have touched so many lives through your work and what you've helped build. The men who come under the roof of the Friendship Mission are no alone and cold any longer. Small initial circumstances have an effect on a large scale over time.

Every result of our actions, deciding to do something will make a difference. Every decision you make has an effect on the world around you.

Max talked about how God knows who we are and where we've been and God knows who we can become back in September 2012. His sermon was from Ephesians 3:14-21. Thank you for pursuing all God wants you to be. Your  decision make a difference."  

Signed TM  a  church member

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