Check in time is by 4 p.m. or earlier every day

These rules are for the safety and peace of mind of the residents of the Mission. Our goal is to help the men who desire to make a better life for themselves by avoiding the temptations of their former lives.

1. Individuals will attend church with the Mission Staff on  Sunday morning and Wednesday night or attend a church  of their choice upon staff approval. ______ (Initial)

2.  Attendance at Bible study is an important part of improving one's life. If you are at the Mission during Bible study, you will be expected to attend. ______

3. THERE WILL BE NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS consumed by the residents on these premises or anywhere else, as long as that individual resides at the Mission. A breath test or a UA test will be given if you are suspected of consuming alcohol or drugs. Violation of this rule will cause the resident to be signed out for at least 7 days. If you refuse to take either test you will be signed out for 30 days. ______

4. THERE WILL BE NO profane or vulgar language at any time. Residents are not to borrow or loan money without checking with the staff first. This is for your protection.  ______

5.  Our facilities cannot accomodate animals of any kind; therefore, NO ANIMALS are allowed. ______

6. LIGHT CIGARETTES, SMOKE, OR CHEW TOBACCO in the DESIGNATED AREA ONLY. Be sure to put cigarette butts in the proper container. No tobacco of any kind will be allowed upstairs.  ______

 7. ALL CELL PHONES must be turned off during meals and Bible studies. At 9:00 p.m. each man is to TURN IN his cell phone or phones and leave them in the office. ______

 8. RESIDENTS must SIGN-OUT before leaving the Mission for any reason -- going to work, to Job Service, doctor appointment, any kind of meeting. SIGN-IN when you return. You must be back by the curfew of 4:00 p.m. Violation could cause resident to be signed out for a minimum of 3 days. ______

 9. IF A MAN stays here 7 days or more and his hair is to his shoulders, he must have his hair cut -- not just a trim -- and his beard must be kept neatly trimmed. ______

 10. The DRESS CODE states there will be NO baggie pants or do-rags worn at any time. ______

 11. RESIDENTS can have visitors on the premises only if there is staff present, and if arrangements have been made  prior to the visit. ______

 12. Any loss of property through fire or theft is not the responsibility of the Mission. ______

 13. Any personal property left at the Mission when a resident moves out becomes the property of the Mission after 7 days if arrangements have not been made prior to that time by the owner and the staff. ______

 14. Each man will seriously seek employment while living at the Mission.

All rules are subject to change.