Happy New Year!

January, 2013

In early January the Mission was blessed to receive a whole moose as a result of a road kill. This meat will provide many tasty meals during the upcoming months.

February, 2013

Dave Bateman, Accountability Manager, was able to take time off for a vacation in Belize for 3 weeks  He will be returning March 5.

March, 2013

As you can see we are in the process of developing a new web site ...

The year has been running smoothly with all the residents now living in the front building. With the new year we have been able to find volunteers to lead a Bible study five nights each week. On Wednesday evening and Sunday morning we attend services at a local church. On the fifth Friday evening of each month there is a Christian movie shown at another church in the area and we go to see.

Groups from two churches in the area have volunteered to bring in home cooked meals. Each church brings one meal a month. The residents enjoy the delicious food as well as the fellowship with the families that bring the meal.

As the weather warms we are turning our thoughts to summer and in no time June will be here and our first mission group will arrive from Oklahoma.

We had an enjoyable Easter dinner with the residents here at Friendship Mission.

April, 2013

On Saturday, April 27, the Rotary Youth Leadership Award recipients from Canada and Alaska attended a camp at Solid Rock in Soldotna. These young people were divided into several groups, one of which came to the Friendship Mission, to complete the service activity required while attending this camp. This group worked hard picking up trash on the grounds of the mission, hauling tree limbs to the transfer site, helping organize the donated clothes closet, and moving items from the main building to the connex for storage. Following this, Graydon showed the "Mission Movie" which presents the history of this property. They discussed the vision that he and Mary Anne received for this property when visiting from Louisiana, their move here, the purchase of the land, and the ways God has provided for and directed the activities of this mission. We truly appreciated the service provided by these congenial, polite, and helpful young people who are the hope of our future.

The driveway is nearly dry and it appears that spring may soon be seen at the Mission. with the rhubarb bursting forth and other plants soon following suit.

Due to the variety of weather -- sun, rain, snow -- Skipper has had to be ready to set up the sump pump to keep the water from running into the back building.

June, 2013

The month of June has been a busy one.  We began preparing to have the projects laid out and  ready for the arrival of the team from Lost Creek United Methodist Church, Stillwater, Oklahoma. They arrived on June 9 and a whirlwind of activities began. There were 25 people of all ages and abilities. Of these, seven had been here previously several times.

The ladies taught  Vacation Bible School at The Star of the North Lutheran Church while the men worked in the office wiring outlets and
   lights, putting up sheet rock, taping and  mudding it, and then sanding it They also finished  putting up    sheetrock in the boiler room.


To keep snow from blocking the back door during the winter, a roof was built over the exit by the team. The trim around the windows and 
along the eaves was painted and, where needed, the necessary trim was added.  This gave the building a more finished look.  All of the outside metal doors were sanded and given a new coat of paint.  The frames were also painted.





Mary Anne and Graydon were blessed by the team bringing their own cooks who prepared all the meals for everyone.  This gave Mary Anne a needed break from the kitchen! The evening Bible study time was led by various people from the Oklahoma team so that the local Bible teachers would also have a break.

Mary Anne and Nancy, one of the Oklahoma team, selected pictures from the birth of Christ to His ascension. Bob and Bill, two men from the team,  individually mounted, trimmed, and then fastened the pictures to a larger board which has been hung in the chapel.


Mary Anne is very thankful for the ones who helped with this project.

It is always an uplifting time when our friends from Oklahoma arrive each summer.  Thank you for your faithfulness.

July, 2013

July began with a visit with our youngest daughter, Jackie, and her girls Rebekah and Mary who live in North Pole, Alaska. We did some site-seeing around the area, played games, and put some puzzles together. This was just had a good time for all of us.

 We received a blessing from the Trinity Nursery when Mr. Sexton brought us two hanging basket of beautiful petunias for the front porch of the Mission.  He has done this before and we are so thankful to him for his generosity.

This month, we had a couple, D.J. and Vernell Snider, come from Weatherford, OK to help us with whatever there was to do.  There was some mudding, sanding, and painting left to do in the office area. So they did it. Vernell mended the bedding needing it, and she helped me in the kitchen.  D.J. enjoys baking so he made biscuits several mornings. He also baked some pies and cobblers. They got to visit some of the tourist attractions and looked for bear and moose.  After about two weeks here, they left for home via the Alaska State Ferry out of
Whittier which took them to Seattle, Washington. From there, they drove home to Oklahoma. 

During this month Scott Bartleson rode his motorcycle from Michigan to Kenai to distribute Christian tracts on the beach during Dip Net season.  He also visited all the communities on the peninsula and sharing the Word of God.

Another "big blessing" was the baptismal service at church on July 14.


Three of our residents who had accepted Christ as their Savior earlier, decided to be baptized by Pastor Robert DeVolld on that day. Several of the Bible study leaders from the Friendship Mission as well as family members were present for this very special occasion.  We thank our Lord for His goodness and mercy.

August, 2013

This month the dirt work was begun on the driveway and the pad for the foundation of the home for the director. Kelly Wolf, one of the board members, is operating the equipment to dig the road to the house site.

September, 2013

Activities during this month revolved around the customary schedule, Skipper going moose hunting, and patiently waiting on bids for dirt work for the mission house. Also, a sizable financial donation was received from Lost Creek United Methodist Church in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

On September 21, nine  years ago, the initial dream was begun which has been in progress to bring the Friendship Mission to what it is today.

October, 2013

Merkes Builders Unlimited cleared the land, built the pad for the mission house, and, put in the septic system, and buried the utility lines.   Big G Electric donated the use of their excavator, and Kim, an employee of Big G Electric, donated his time and dug the ditches to bury the electric and gas lines to the mission house. Three hundred feet of ditches were dug 3 to 4 feet deep. Twelve-foot deep ditches were dug by Merkes who then covered all of the ditches when everything was installed. Mike, a retired telephone man, installed the telephone lines. We are appreciative of the labor expended to get these projects completed.

We are still waiting on the dirt work bid paperwork.The bid has been received and work has begun.

Burying overburden in hole (picture to left) where sand was removed for the driveway (center picture)
and the house pad (picture on righ

November, 2013

As THANKSGIVING DAY is upon us, the Board members, Skipper, Mary Anne, and the residents of Friendship Mission would like to thank everyone that has contributed during this year.  There is no way that we could carry on the work that God has set before us without the generous and committed people of the Kenai Peninsula.  The churches, businesses, and individuals have given through their prayers, monetary gifts, and physical work to keep this ministry doing God's work.

We pray that God will bless each of you and that you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. We have very much for which to be thankful.   



December, 2013

We extend a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to every one!

On December 4, we visited Diane Taylor's Social Services class at the Kenai River Campus of the Kenai Peninsula College  and shared with them the goals and purposes of Friendship Mission. We appreciated being invited to her class and enjoyed sharing with the students.