December, 2014

It's hard to believe that 2014 is nearly over.  It's been a busy year, with all the residents we have had, work on the staff house, Skipper's heart surgery, and my knee surgery.  Thankfully, the Lord has been with us all the way.

We've had 90 men come through the Mission this year.  Some have stayed a few days, but most have stayed several months or more.

Because of the faithfulness and commitment of the Bible study leaders, some of men have rededicated their lives to Jesus and several have prayed the prayer for salvation. 

The men attend church services on Sunday and Bible study and supper on Wednesday night at Kenai Christian Church with us.

The Lord's people have blessed the Mission and us all through the year.  Our newest project is the staff house.  This spring, the foundation for the house was started and then the work team from Stillwater, Oklahoma came and the house started taking shape.  When they left, after just 4 days of work the framing was done and the sheeting was on the roof.  Then Hanson Roofing came and the roof was completed with ice wrap and the shingles.  The outside walls had blown-in insulation installed by David Lee's company.  "Big G" employees have been installing the electrical and Mike Sounart has been doing the plumbing.  Several of our residents have helped with the construction also.
Christmas activities began with a "cookie decorating party" .  Everyone had a good time decorating and eating cookies.  Several church members brought other sweet treats during the month.  There was a "Candle Light" service and the children's Christmas program that we all attended at the church.
Mary Anne was blessed that April, Jim, Luke and Daniel came and spent Christmas with us.  Then she was able to go to North Pole and visit with her four daughters and seven grandchildren after Christmas.

November, 2014

Things have been moving along on the house.  The electricity and gas are to the house and temporary lights are in.

October, 2014

We are moving the office to the front building.  One of the Board members bought a new desk and chair so it would look more professional.  We also bought a new computer which I'm not used to   yet, but I'm working at it.  The reason we haven't put any pictures in the newsletter is because we haven't downloaded the picture file to this computer.  THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS!!!


The house is completely closed in now.  The garage doors and the front and back doors are installed.  It really looks good.  There is blown insulation in the outside walls.  So we will be able to work in there when it gets cold.



Skipper got out of the hospital Sunday, the 7th and he is doing well.  The doctor said it was a textbook surgery.  We want to thank everyone that has been praying for him.  While Skipper was in the hospital two friends, Kelly and Mike came and built a set of steps to make it easier for Skipper to get in the trailer.  Jesus does answer prayers.  Nothing has been done on the house in the last few weeks, but we hope to get it closed-in before winter gets here.  That way we can work on the interior even though it is cold. We are waiting for God's timing.


At the end of the month Skipper had surgery to replace a valve in his heart. He is doing well.  He has been up walking with a walker is still in ICU but should be put in a regular room by tomorrow.  We would appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery.



Slab poured, construction begun and we are on our way......

Thanks to Hugh Chumley and Guff Sherman for our sign.


Hanson Roofing supplied the materials and manpower for the roofing job.


Back porch of the house.

Looking more like a house now.....

 June, 2014

June has already been a busy month getting ready to pour the slab for the Staff House and having it ready for the Oklahoma team to begin building the house on the foundation.  This year marks the 7th year that the Lost Creek Methodist Church work team has come to assist us in our ministry.  We are looking forward to seeing what God has planned with this year's trip!

April, 2014

God has graciously filled the need for a person to help around the Mission.  Joe Works began working on April 14.  Assisting in preparing meals and interacting with the men staying at the Mission are his major responsibilities. It is great to have an additional set of hands.

January, 2014

January 24 -- what a blessing!!!!! Mary Anne graduated a year in age and was pleasantly surprised and very appreciative of all the birthday cards and gifts received.  Thank you to each one.

Love Loud Mission, a group from the New Life Assembly of God in Kenai, came to the Mission on January 3 and helped clean the area which is to become the new office for the Mission. This group also cleaned and organized the clothes closet. They volunteered to take the surplus clothes to Anchorage to the rescue mission.