End of year
As we come to the end of the year, we look back on the things that have taken place.  The most important is that six men came to know Jesus as their Savior.  They all have been baptized and are attending church with us at Kenai Christian Church or a church of their choice.  Again, I want to thank our Bible Study leaders for their dedication to telling our residents about how Jesus loves them and wants them to accept His free gift of salvation and learn to make better choices in their lives.

One of our original Bible study leaders, Roy Moore, went to be with the Lord.  He was so faithful to serving the Lord.

Graydon and Mary Anne Cowgill were honored in December by the Thirtieth Alaska State Legislature for their dedication and devotion to the Friendship Mission and the Kenai Peninsula.  The award was presented by Rep. Gary Knopp, Prime Sponsor.


This has been the nicest Fall season since we’ve been in Alaska.  The trees all turned yellow and gold and stayed that way for much longer than usual.  The temperature has been great.  Haven’t had any snow yet.  We’re ready….

Monday night during Bible study, one of our residents accepted Christ as his Savior.  He was Baptised in October.

Another resident was baptized in November and we praise the Lord and thank our Bible study leaders for their committed witness with the men. 
Three of the residents helped Skipper cook and serve hot dogs at the Trunk or Treat event the church put on for Halloween.  They all said it was a lot of fun seeing all the costumes and decorations. 

Kenai Bible Church invited us all to their monthly “Dinner and a Movie” night.  A good movie and delicious food were topped it off with a root beer float after the movie.

A young man named Jacob came with his father and some of his friends to make a donation to the Mission.  It was his 10th birthday and he had asked his friends to bring items for the Mission, instead of gifts for him.  This is the second year he has done this.  We are so proud of him.

Good food and fellowship rounded out the month with the Wednesday night Thanksgiving Dinner at Kenai Christian Church and then on Thursday we were invited to the Church of God down the street, to share Dinner with them.

This summer has been busy and full of company.  Two of the Oklahoma team came early to have a real vacation. Nancy and Donna and her mother, Pearl came in May and toured Alaska. We had a really good visit.  It was a lot of fun having them here.

Skipper’s brother came for a visit, they went on a charter fishing trip and had a good time and had fish to take back to Texas.
Then, Tim, our son-in-law, and grandson and a friend, came to go dip-netting for salmon. 

Then the last week in July, the work team from Oklahoma came with 16 members.  They painted the main building, refurbished 4 of the bedrooms upstairs and built a fence around the high tunnel, to keep the moose away.  They all worked really hard to get everything done and they did.  They were a great bunch of people.  It was so good having them here.  They visited with the residents and new friendships were made.


At the board meeting in July, Skipper asked the board if we could close the Mission for several weeks, to get away for a while and rest.  Since we don’t have anyone to take our place.  They agreed and therefore…

On Wednesday night 22 August 2018 , two of our residents were baptized and became part of the Lord’s Kingdom. 

Easter Sunday was a great way to begin the month of April.  We had a wonderful service at Kenai Christian Church. We invited a couple to share dinner with us.  Some of the men went to visit family for the day.

The first Friday meal with KCC featured lamb, which was very good.


We had a group of men from The Dream Center, a Christian based Addiction Recovery  Program, located in the Palmer area came and spend the night at the Mission.  They were having a “fund raiser” at Walmart, selling kettle corn.  We enjoyed meeting them and sampling the kettle corn they shared with us.  They came back the next month.  It was good that we could help them out with a place to stay overnight.

The Alaska Christian College students came back and helped again in the clothes closet and other things that was needed.
The month has come in with snow and cold temperatures, just the way it’s supposed to be in Alaska. 
The first Saturday of the month, a group of young people came from the Alaska Christian College to help around the Mission.  The girls worked in the clothes closet we have in the basement.  Sorting clothes that people have brought for our residents.  What we can’t use we give to other organizations that give clothes to people that need them.  Also, the girls ironed the curtains that had been washed, but were too wrinkled to hang up in the rooms.  The boys helped Skipper in the shop.  They worked 3 or 4 hours and were a big help.  We showed them the movie about the beginning of the Mission and Skipper talked to them about how God got us up here and all the work that has been done to make the building the place it is today.
One of our residents had a birthday this month.  We celebrated with cake for him.  
We’ve had 10 men with us since last month and the Mission remains full.  The job situation has not been good.  There have been several “day jobs”, but nothing permanent.  If any of you know of work for the men, please contact the Mission office @ (283-5277), many of the men are skilled in carpentry, oil field work, maintenance or mechanics.  They would appreciate any help any of you can give.

We had two special meals prepared for us.  The Mennonite Church brought dinner on the first Sunday night of the month.  Those ladies are great cooks.  Especially, their desserts….

Also, the mission team at Kenai Christian Church brought dinner on the second Friday.  Delicious as usual. 
The weather has been cold and we have gotten more snow.  It is so pretty when the snow clings to the trees.