Jay Harrell

Hello Everybody,

Of all the people to write a testimony, I assure you that I never thought I would be one of them! When the Holy Spirit comes into a person's life amazing things start to happen, and for the first time in my life I am not fighting or resisting God.  My name is Jay Z. Harrell and I would like to share my story with you.

The first time I came to the Friendship Mission was in February, 2010, fresh out of Wildwood Correctional Facility which happens to be across the street!  My mind was definitely not ready for God or the Mission.  I was still stuck in a horrible drug whirlwind and did not care about anything except how to get more drugs!  In fact, the probation officer in the prison asked me what I plan on doing when I get out, and I told him - "I am going to get high!"

You see, I have been drinking and drugging for past TWENTY YEARS and was not ready to stop  just because I was on felony probation or because my family and friends wanted me to stop.  Nop, I was on a path of destruction and could care less who or what that involved.  I wish I could lie to you and say that I was done with drugs and that my life was on the right track, but like I said, that would be a lie.  I moved to Alaska in 2002 to escape the drug world only to find that it was up here too.  Booze and drugs are everywhere;don't let anybody tell you differently.  I now realize that another name for them is Satan, and he had a stranglehold on me that was getting close to death!

I met Skipper and Mary Anne Cowgill and knew that they were here for all the right reasons.  After hearing Skipper's testimony and how he got the call from God to make this former "chicken house" into a men's Christian homeless shelter, I knew that I was going to be here more than one time!  I stayed here for two months the first time and eventually could not resist the drug temptation anymore.  I dove back into drugs and right back to prison!  When I got out, Skipper and Mary Anne took me right back in with loving arms.  Once again I was doing good while I stayed at the mission, but went right back to drugs the second I thought I was good to go.  This routine went on four times!  I was on a course to death and hell!

This fourth time took!  I used to complain about all the Bible studies that I had to attend.  I think the number was 134 in a row, and it had to be a record!  You know what--it was the perfect amount.  I have proclaimed Jesus Christ as my Savior and I firmly believe that He died for our sins and will come back one day!  I turned my life over to Christ and only regret not doing it sooner.  I believe without a doubt that I could not and would not have made this dicision without the prayers from family and friends and without being part of the Friendship Mission!  Skipper and Mary Anne are my Alaskan father and mother. They are two beautiful people that never gave up on me and showed me the right path to take, Jesus Christ our Savior!  There have been many men that have come and gone since I have been here, and some of them have also made the dicision to follow Christ.  I have also gotten baptized recently and feel better than ever about my relationship with the Lord!

The Mission is a wonderful place, and the rules here are for the good of the men that stay here.  I have met many different members of the community through the Mission, and I am looking forward to possibly getting back to work in the oil field.  My life is better than ever and I want to say "Thank you - both of you,Skipper and Mary Anne,- for all that ya'll have done for me." So, if you are reading this and may be deciding to stay here, please respect this place and give utmost respect to the Cowgills who are truly here for you and for Christ.  I plan on staying in touch with them from here on out.  They are my family now!

Thank you, Jesus, for all that You have done for me and for allowing me to find my way to the Friendship Mission.

Jay Z. Harrell